Ding Masters: Your #1 Pick for Florence Hail Repair

by | May 29, 2024 | Hail Repair, PDR, Uncategorized

Alabama Weather

Alabama weather can be fickle and unpredictable with it’s frequent weather changes and storms. Possibly the most spontaneous and hazardous of these is the all too common hail storm. Because they often strike without warning, turning harmless rainstorms into costly catastrophes, it can be difficult to deal with the expenses of hail storms if you aren’t prepared. Luckily, the Ding Masters at our Florence hail repair center are here to tell you what to do in the event of a hail storm and how to prepare!

Preparing for a Storm

Finding a good Florence hail repair team can be difficult but the first step to fixing hail damage is to prevent it all together. So how do you stop something that causes more than $1 billion in damages to crops and property every year? There are many different solutions that we’ve listed below:

  • Invest in a Carport – If you don’t already have a garage or carport you should seriously consider buying one. Especially in places where hailstorms are common.
  • Buy a Car Cover – Car covers are a very effective and cost efficient way to protect your vehicle.
  • Use Old Blankets – If you find yourself in an emergency with no carport or covering of any kind then you can duct tape old blankets to your car. This may not stop all denting but it will certainly keep the paint intact.
  • Wait it Out – Avoiding the hail storm all together is always the best solution. Remember the locations of local parking garages, carports, and anywhere with covered parking. You could even park next to large buildings to prevent some damage.
  • Use Your Floor Mats – If you’ve really gotten yourself into a bind your car’s floor mats can offer some protection. It’s not much but it’s better than nothing.
  • Ultimately, your best friend when it comes to preventing hail damage will be the weather report. If it looks like a storm is coming make sure to frequently check the weather conditions so you can properly prepare.

Florence Hail Repair

If you weren’t able to find or get covering for your car the results may be frightening. But don’t panic, the Ding Masters are here to help! Our extensive experience in auto care and paintless dent repair makes us the #1 shop for all of your Florence hail repair needs! To begin with, every tech at our Florence hail repair shop has been trained to bring you the highest quality results with the fastest times available in the auto care market. Our speeds crush even the fastest body shops, with the longest jobs taking only a day or two. In addition to saving you time, PDR allows us to save you money in the process. Because of the simplistic nature of PDR we have no need for panel removal, paint replacement, primer, or other time and resource consuming steps. All of this with the professional quality of expert technicians.

It’s important to remember how to keep you and your vehicle safe. Now you know just how to prevent and act upon hail damage when the time comes. Visit us at our Florence hail repair center today to receive your free quote!